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In February of 2003 Ephasi was started as a small skate team in Pasadena, Texas amongst close friends. “Ephasi” is an acronym for “every person has a skater inside”. The idea behind the meaning is, we believe that every person has an adventurer, a wild side, a pusher inside each of us that yearns to be released. We understand not everyone can skate, but we think all types of people from all walks of life have either stepped on a skateboard or has thought about how cool it be to get one and push around. Thus, giving meaning to our “Every person has a skater inside” aphorism. Once a team was established, we began printing shirts for our small core squad in high school. Soon everyone wanted to buy these tees, hats and other goodies. Fast forward many great years later, and in 2017 Ephasi hooked with a small motorcycle shop in South Houston, TX. Ephasi operates out of this store front and will eventually open its own doors soon! Till’ then, Skate on, Skate hard and Keep on pushing!.

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